Hydra-PAK-EZ Fail-safe Actuators  

Flow-Quip Hydra-PAK-EZ Series spring-return, manually-energized actuators provide high-integrity fail-safe operation of quarter-turn valves and dampers. They are suitable for shop or field mounting on a wide range of ball, plug and butterfly valves. They offer a cost-effective solution for rotary actuator applications where operation is infrequent and torque requirements are moderate.

Each Hydra-PAK-EZ Series actuator contains a compact manually operated power supply that provides hydraulic pressure for the powerful scotch-yoke spring-return torque mechanism. This self-contained design greatly reduces installation time since no field hydraulic tubing runs are needed. Each actuator can be controlled by electrical control signal(s), pressure pilots or fire sensors. When commanded, the powerful spring cartridge drives the actuator to its fail-safe position.

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