Solar Power Solutions  

For the reliable automation of remote pipeline valves where electrical power is not available or is unreliable, Flow-Quip solar-powered actuators should be considered. Flow-Quip engineers custom size solar arrays for each application so that these systems will provide reliable autonomous control for a wide range of pipeline valves.

For valve actuator power, Flow-Quip utilizes their wide range of low-power electro-hydraulic rotary or linear actuators. They can be field or shop mounted on a wide range of pipeline gate or ball valve sizes. Each system is then custom engineered and built to fit the application. A long list of options includes:

• Fast valve stroking times.
• Stored energy for multiple valve operations without recharge.
• Interface with and power for site mounted SCADA units, signaled from a remote control center.
• System monitor functions to remotely display operating status.
• Manual override for valve operation during maintenance or start-up
• Helicopter lifting lugs for transportation to remote areas without roads.
• Power module enclosures with hinged doors or walk-in portable buildings for ease-of-site maintenance and security.

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